Bala result for Tuckwell…

 Although this is my home event I did not hold out much hope of a result, but now with this result and the results we have been having at club level I firmly believe that the current rating makes a massive difference.

The conditions were such that on the first day wind was 10 – 12 from the North and not much movement. In these conditions the Carbon 20 had blistering speed but we were still able to hold on to the rest of the fleet.    Second day was light and shifty and with an 8 stone crew we were quick.   Last day the conditions were all over the place and we could not fly a kite so it was more a test of seamanship than racing so the fact we stayed upright meant we got the result.

I know that there has been a lot of adverse comments about the Hurricane against other classes and don’t get me wrong I am not of the standard of an Andy Webb, Neil Connelly, Richard Hanmore or John Ready but I am really surprised at this result against the competition.

Hurricane 5.9 won the Bala catamaran open against other boats such as Carbon 20’s NACRA infusions and Inter 20’s. Total of 20 boats entered and was won by John Tuckwell and Chelsea Furber ahead by second place NACRA infusion by one point. This is encouraging for all Hurricane sailors as the rating should allow us to be competitive. Keep an eye on Y&Y for write up. 

by John Tuckwell

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  1. John Ready Says:


    what a fantastic result. You’ve been in the fleet for a long time and make no mistake, with your 2nd win of the year in just 2 opens, you have set the standard for the year.

    25years on, and our first open meeting Hurricane victory in living memory, the Hurricane just got FASTER BABY!!!

    Fantastic job!

    John Ready

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