AW Sailboats for ALL Hurricane 5.9 mail order spares service, new boat sales, fully refurbished used boat sales, full repair facilities, personal coaching, trailer boxes, stern supports, sails new and second-hand, complete SX rig packages and many other essential Hurricane goodies and go fast bits !

Spare Parts

AW Sailboats generally carries most common spares in stock. This includes new sails, battens, full covers, trampolines, rudders, centreboards, rudder components, standing rigging and SX rig spares. Please email your requirements for pricing and availability.


This process will take anywhere from 3 to 5 days depending on the age and condition of the boat. The standard service would include gelcoat repairs to the hulls, refresh of non slip on gunall edge, gelcoat repairs to rudders and centreboards, full machine polish and hand finish to hulls/foils. Standing rigging check, replacement of running rigging as required, condition check of sails and trampolines.

No one can get a Hurricane looking as good as Andy can!

Used Boat Sales

AW Sailboats offers a brokerage service on used Hurricane 5.9’s with the majority of sales are completed following full refurbishment. This can include a full rig tune/set up for the new owners together with a step by step rig up from the trailer back down to a trailer load up if required.

The aim of the service is to supply a boat in full race condition ready for the owner to just add water and go ! AW Sailboats will consider part exchanges on other cat or dinghy classes, please email direct.

New Build Hurricane 5.9 SX – £POA

The SX rig differs from the standard 5.9 with the inclusion of a self tacking jib system, a grp spinnaker chute designed specifically for the 5.9, a silicon coated spinnaker plus the additional spinnaker pole hardware, standing and running rigging.

The SX rigged boat is also produced in white with silver mast, spinni pole and beams and grey trampoline. Hull, deck and foil mouldings are produced by White Formula, platform set up, fitting and finishing, full rig set up and commissioning completed by Andy Webb of AW Sailboats.

Hurricane SX Rig Kit

In November 2003 the Hurricane SX rig design was adopted. This is primarily a one design bolt on package with self tacking jib system and class specific spinnaker chute/sail design. This rig has revolutionized the Hurricane in three sail mode offering easy handling, a favourable SCHRS rating for competitive handicap racing which now puts the 5.9 on par with the new designs optimized to the SCHRS system. It also gives the owner two boats in one as the rig is easily changed back to two sail mode for the standard circuit or sailing with newcomers and family.

Since the production kit was made available in January 2004 it has become popular with all from 13 to 75 and is the set up to race with.

For further details contact Andy Webb, 07941940459 or email