Hurricane 5.9 Rope Guide

Rope Guides, both for the SX and further down the 2 sail and generic ropes.

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Please note, this is a guide and each boat will be set up slightly differently to suit tastes and preferences. 

SX Specific

Rear Beam centreDyneema1.5 mm65 cm1
Rear Beam outerDyneema1.5 mm25 cm2
Striker TubeDyneema1.5 mm38 cm1
Chain PlatesDyneema1.5 mm30 cm2
Spin Pole fwdDyneema1.5 mm1 m2
Spin Pole midDyneema1.5 mm1 m2
Spin Chute fwdDyneema1.5 mm55 cm1
Spin Chute midDyneema1.5 mm1 m1
Track Traveller controlDyneema3 mm1 m1
Tramp CentreDyneema4 mm75 cm1
Jib Halyard luff tensionerDyneema4 mm1.3 m1
Jib Sheet part 1Dyneema6 mm11 m1
Jib Sheet part 2Dyneema4 mm2.25 m1
Spin Tack OuthaulDyneema5 mm5.2 m1
Spin HalyardDyneema5 mm23.25 m1
Spin SheetBraid8 mm15.5 m1
Spin Halyard elastic take-upShockcord4 mm2.5 m1
Jib Sheet elastic take-upShockcord4 mm4.85 m1
Spinnaker block attachment to mast (strop + uphaul, cut to required length)Dyneema4 mmNominally 2m

Ropes and Wires guide for the standard two sail and non SX specific rigging

Barber HaulerMultiplat terylene4mtts6mm
Clew Outhaul
(Square Boom)
Multiplat terylene4.5mts6mm
DownhaulMarlow 6/4 Dynema10mts6mm x 4mm
Downhaul shockcords x 2Shockcord3mts each3mm
Jib fairlead adjuster3 strand terylene1.3m6mm
Jib halyardTerylene cord7mts3mm
Jib halyardwire7×19 SS wire6128mm ± 6mm3mm
Jib sheets16 plait terylene13mts10mm
Jib strop3 strand terylene1m max6mm
Jib halyard tail3 strand terylene70cm6mm
Main halyard3 strand terylene19mts6mm
Mainsheet (inc. traveller)16 plait terylene12.5mts10 or 12mm

Mainsheet (separate traveller)
16 plait terylene11mts10 or 12mm
Mast rotation lockline for boomMultiplait terylene110cm6mm
Mast rotation lock for mastMultiplait terylene80cm6mm
Mast to forestay shockcordShockcord150cm6mm
Reaching line shockcords x 2Shockcord150cm each6mm
Reaching lines x 2Dynema170cm3mm
Spanner line3 strand terylene120cm6mm
Trapeze adj x 43 strand terylene120cm each6mm
Trapeze shocks x 2Shockcord2.6mts each6mm
Trapeze wires x 41×19 S/S wire6475mm ± 75mm2.5mm
Traveller16 plait terylene150cm8mm
Trampoline lacing3mm dyneema/ 4mm polyester 4.25m3mm or 4mm

Please note, this is a guide and each boat will be set up slightly differently to suit tastes and preferences.