John Ready helming at the Datchet Open 2011 with Mark Mawditt

John Ready is available for coaching and each session can be tailored to suit the specific areas you want to improve, or an analysis can be made and a recommended coaching programme presented.

John’s aims are to identify areas that will yield the largest gains, working towards goals that will enable you to improve your boat handling skills, sail faster and more confidently enabling you to really enjoy your sailing.

A typical coaching session with John would be in small groups perhaps 2 or 3 boats at a time, he would want the boats to be set up as per the tuning guide (mast rake, diamond tension, trapezing low, rudders aligned) .  Once this has been checked and explained John will then take it in turns to helm/crew and spend some real 1:1 time with you.

All that John asks for are his travel expenses to be paid for and a £50 donation to be made per person to the Hurricane Class Association in advance.

Coaching sessions take place at Datchet, Mersea, Starcross & Thorpe Bay SC and the benefits have been huge to those that took part.

A few beers and a bite to eat afterwards and some craic to round off a good day on the water.

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Use our bench mark tuning guide, written by 12 National Championships & 3 European Championships worth of experience, absolutely nothing held back, unique access into the total picture of what it takes to win in this fantastic boat :0)

Hurricane SX Tuning Guide Part 2