The Hurricane 5.9 was designed to put high performance cat sailing within the reach of all sailors at a realistic price. Designed and built by Olympic sailors Reg and Robert White, performance and pedigree are second to none. Contact the Hurricane 5.9 Class Association with your multihull news and event details. If you cannot find what you want on this site, please email us.

General Boat Data

  • Sails                    Pentex/Dacron
  • Construction        Foam Sandwich
  • Mast                    Adjustable Pre-bent
  • Trapezes             Twin
  • Crew                    Two
  • Rudders               Kick-up
  • Blocks                  Harken
  • Transport             Trailer – complete
General Boat Data Hurricane 5.9 Hurricane 5.9 Sport Hurricane 5.9 SX
Length  overall 5.9 metres 5.9 metres 5.9 metres
Beam 2.43 metres 2.43 metres 2.43 metres
Sailing weight 180.5kg 184 kg 186kg
Mainsail 17.5 m² 17.5 m² 17.14 m²
Jib 5.9m² 5.2m² 4.58 m²
Spinnaker n/a 21m² 21m²
SCHRS 1.034 1.020 1.008

Consider the features and benefits and find out why the boat was described as the “UK;s leading twin-trapeze race cat”.  Foam sandwich/carbon Hull construction. Tough, strong hulls with perfect strength to weight ratios. No hull flexibility or stiff spots frequently found with other popular cats. Excellent impact resistance.

Pre-bent Mast Although the 5. 9 is a high performance catamaran, the pre-bent mast allows for greater sail control and more accurate tuning this coupled with the 16:1 downhaul allowed in the class rules for the SX version, means the boat can be safely handled by virtually any crew weight from 18 stones (combined) upwards in most wind and sea conditions.

Hailed by Yachts & Yachting as theU.K.’s leading twin trapeze one design race cat, the 5.9 allows crew and helm to experience the thrills and exhilaration of a high performance design. Twin trapezing increases the power to weight ratio of the crews allowing  the handling of more power from the rig

8’ 0″ Beam allows the boat to be legally towed fully assembled. Several popular cats selling in theUKhave a beam dimension greater than the legal towable maximum.

Wide crew weight tolerances, due to the boat’s technical rig design and layout, the 5.9 can be sailed safely by a very wide range of crew weights. Active crews on the circuit vary between 18 and 30 stones (combined weight).

Generous bow section volume virtually eliminates nose diving. The 5.9 cuts through the water leaving other popular cats wallowing and nose diving in its wake.

Performance, The 5.9 was originally designed to give Tornado-like performance coupled with smooth, predictable handling. The Tornado’s rig was subsequently updated and so was the Hurricane’s,  now  in SX mode, and the same can still be said about the boat’s comparable handling

Kick-up rudders and centreboards ride up on impact reducing the risk of damage. The centreboard arrangement allows for rapid tacking, high manoeuvrability and exceptional upwind performance plus it is the right solution for sailing in shallow estuary type conditions.  A far better solution than cumbersome dagger boards or inefficient skegs.

The new design Pentex Squaretop Mainsail gives long life and low maintenance with less frequent need for replacement.