Next Olympic Multi Hull Nacra 17

Please see below message from Nick Dewhurst – Chairman of UKCRA

ISAF have just decided by 20 to 15 votes that the next Olympic multihull
will be the new Nacra 17 with curved foils rather than the Viper (see ISAF
Evaluation Report). The former was promoted as the athletes favourite and
best media appeal. The latter as the “popular” choice for developing sailing
nations on some mistaken belief that they are all small people (see the
UKCRA report).

Had they chosen the Hobie Tiger it might have been different, but that got
nixed on the mistaken argument that the target crew weight should be 120-140
kg that was simply asserted, but never explained – which is why we wrote the
report. There was a last minute attempt to insert the Tornado also as an
option, but that was voted down, so the venerable T will probably continue
like the Flying Dutchman – big lake fleets in Germany and much loved
elegance from its fan club.

This is a great opportunity for the British multihull community to mobilise
its resources and build a new generation of young sailors that can win
medals also in our branch of the sport – the only bit where the otherwise
highly successful RYA has not had much success. Thanks to the work above all
of Nick Henson and then David Boniface, the success of the Spitfire squad
puts UK in a good position and the multihull achievement as the sole UK
medal winner at the Youth level sends a powerful message.

I will be going down to RYA HQ on Tuesday to meet the CEO Sarah Tressider
and John Derbyshire, who runs the racing division. I am very confident of
their professionalism at the top level, but it is the feeder programme on
which we have to work together. Our view is that good talent can migrate
from dinghies but outstanding talent is grown from starting on multihulls at
an early age – three generations of Whites proves that – which is where our
uniquely strong club network can make a difference – irrespective of
whichever cat we personally sail.


Nick Dewhirst

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