AGM 2023 Minutes


John Donovan & John Ready

Intro – Ben

Thank you all for attending, had a good year again although we did lose one TT in Bridlington due to weather

Events – Julian

Current thoughts are to potentially Stokes Bay in mid May with Rutland as an option 
Following on we are looking at dates for both main fleets- Thorpe Bay and Starcross

We are also looking at joining the Eurocat event at Carnac for a Europeans – April 26-28th.

Nationals: we have agreed with the club that Bridlington will host at the end of august

Any clubs wanting to host – talk to julian

We as a class are fortunate to have Clubs approaching us to host owing to 4th nationals with 28/29 boats attending and consistent turnout with TTs.

We hope to have dates out as soon as possible 

Rules & Tech – Andy

No major changes planned

George and howard trialing rudder pinsRegular service with Hyde, can get materials again consistently. 

Question: is black still the only colour: Yes Black sails only

Question: feedback on making Jib luff wire longer and does it need to be wire? Yes new wires are longer and needs to be wire as UV damage an issue

Question: can we look at moving Jib Luff tension back to the the main beam for adjustments. rules and tech will look into and trial.

Ben. Class rules to be updated and digitised. It’s a big job so bear with us. We also want to get to the point of having class Standardised SI and NOR for all events.

Accounts – Adam

Funds strong £5.500 in accounts currentlyHas been agreed to help with sail stocks however not as yet been needed due to strong demand and improved supply.

Please pay memberships in Jan by standing order 

We are going through an ongoing tweaking of events and costs purely to provide better product (tshirts etc) and give the opportunity to keep costs down where possible, without the need for increasing membership costs.

Please give feedback on events and tees/polos etc

We are also working on a price guide for boats. We have lost 4 boats due to underinsured so ensure boats are insured for what they are worth to replace

Committee – Ben

We would like a new commitee member to take on the role of sponsorship and promotions: please speak to ben

All committee members happy to stay on – No objections to commitee staying as is.

Chairman: Ben Cutler-Sharp

Secretary: Kez Cutler-Sharp

Treasurer: Adam Charlesworth

Events: Julian Reichart

Training: John Ready

Rules & Tech: Andy Webb, Geoff Tindale, John Donovan

Any other business?

Question: can we implement a minimum wind strength to start a race (5 knots for example). 

Suggested: in that case a max strength needed also. 

Suggested: A time limit to windward mark – beat length can make that inconsistent

Suggested: Dart 18s use 5-28 knots

Suggested: minimum to start but not for during race and need max

Suggested: Sea and tide conditions affect state. 3 knots and favourable conditions could be better than more and not favourable conditions.

One objection to 5 knots minimum, for race officer to decide over what time period to measure/interpretation for them. Max wind strength needs discussion before setting limits.

Suggested: three designated people to decide if sailable, rather than rely upon set numbers

Suggested: we could lose boats if can’t sail in 4 knots, people wont travel if a lower limit is set

Ben: I suggest we look at other classes to see norms, and failing that fall back on the three nominated boats to give the RO the steer.

Suggested: no set limits, Ben should liaise with committee boats about conditions

Ben: Future Announcements and info go on fb and website as acknowledged Facebook isn’t used by all. Would like to consider newsletters.

Question: what to do with photos from this event?Ben: Photo link to go on website as well as on fb

Ben: no other business, thanks for attending and your input.

AGM 2023 Minutes