Welcome to the home of the Hurricane59SX Catamaran

The Hurricane 5.9 multihull was designed to put high performance cat sailing within the reach of all sailors at a realistic price. Designed and built by Olympic sailors Reg and Robert White, performance and pedigree are second to none and without a doubt the best value for money around – you get more bang for your buck with a Hurricane.

If that is not enough we pride ourselves on being a warm, friendly and open class for both 3 sail and 2 sail Hurricanes, we will help you sail better and faster just by telling you how to and you don’t get that in every class.  From beginner to winner your experience in the Hurricane Class will be an enjoyable and a learning journey both on and off the water.

With the modifications that have taken place in the last few years the Hurricane now has one of the fastest growing mixed fleets out there.  We also have a huge age range from early twenties to seventies the Hurricane is now a catamaran for all people and all ages.

Families, yep we all have them, some prefer to stay at home, some don’t like to be left out of all the fun – each to their own but if yours want to join us they are more than welcome this is a family friendly class, besides the kids eventually make good crew.

So what are you waiting for come and join us.

Membership Benefits

The Hurricane 5.9 Class Association is a voluntary run association of Hurricane sailors throughout Britain which relies on your subscription so that we can provide all members with the following:-

  • To compete at TT and Open meetings
  • 15% discount with Dinghy Rope
  • 15% discount with Andark
  • Excellent rates with GJW Direct Insurance
  • 15% discount with Forward WIP
  • Management of the web site and forum
  • A full racing calender throughout the year
  • Control of the class rules
  • Provides coaching, training, tips and advice
  • Tuning guide by John Ready & Andy Webb
  • Market the Hurricane Class at Dinghy Show, facebook, twitter
  • Management of class funds
  • Assistance with buying and selling Hurricanes

Membership runs from the 1st January to 31st December of each year  as everyone benefits from all of the above whether they attend open meetings or not your subscription is very much appreciated as it will help us cover the costs of running the association as stated above.

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