Regrettably the curse of Covid round two (or is it 3 now !) has really begun to bite around the world with a vengeance, air and sea freight service reliability has become erratic, costs have and will continue to rise.  To rub salt in the wounds the rise in energy costs have also impacted on the production costs of all the individual components that go together to form our complete sail products.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any tougher for our Sail manufacturer, the Hyde Sails production loft in Cebu(Philippians) was hit by a major Typhoon just before Christmas.  

The factory has survived, many windows were blown out, no members of staff were harmed.  The loft was without ofpower, roads where impassable, no internet connection to name a few challengers for the Hyde Team to overcome.  The Hyde Staff pulled together to get the factory secure and up and running again over the xmas period, I am sure will join me in wishing them and their families well and thanking them for their efforts.

Our supply model with Hydes has worked successfully for many years now, we are in what a hope will be a temporary period of disruption to the norm. AW Sailboats and Hydes have absorbed many of the cost increases since Covid kicked in; neither of us envisaged the scale and duration of the worldwide pandemic, and now the rise in energy costs impacting manufacturing the time has come to review the pricing and regrettably we have to pass this is on.

Sea freight and airfreight costs and reliability are extremely volatile, as we pull out of Covid in the UK, other areas of the globe are suffering. We have to also factor in the impact of the Typhoon disrupting production lead times at the loft.

The way in which the sail prices are structured has been changed. The shipping costs will be added to the price of your sail at the point of factory departure.  These prices could increase further at that point, or decrease.   I have prepared the latest pricing based on the current transportation rates.

Hyde Sails Retail Pricing January 2022

2022 Retail PricingAir Freight  incVat Retail £ *Sea Freight IncVat Retail £ *

*Worldwide shipping/airfreight costs are continually changing, the pricing quoted is a guide price only, rates may decrease or increase further and will be calculated at the point of factory departure.  

Production leads times are difficult to predict, products ordered on an airfreight basis at this time are predicted to be available in June.  Sea freight delivery is expected to be August.  These lead times could dramatically be improved, or, delayed further.  Hydes have advised that it would be prudent to order as soon as possible in order to secure a production slot and reserve the stock of material available. Please message me directly with your order enquiries.

Apologies for this disruption, let’s hope that things improve worldwide quickly.

Andy Webb, AW Sailboats,  


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