AWSailboats Refurbishment

 What is involved in an Andy Webb Refurbishment ?

Having sailed Hurricanes to a high standard for nearly twenty years and built and repaired them for the past 14 years I am able to apply all my experience for the benefit of the Hurricane 5.9 owners through my workshop refurbishment service.  This applies to pre-sale boats and those already out there under private ownership.

A general refurbishment will consist of:-

  •  A full deep clean of the gel coat surfaces with various agents to remove general grime before housing in the workshop
  • After a full assessment of the exterior of the boat a colour matching process takes place to ensure that any gel coat repair work is as invisible as possible
  • The process then begins with repair work to the deck surfaces and rudders/centreboards.  
  • When the decks have been completed and machine polished the work begins on the topsides/bows/keel lines/non slip gunnal edges followed by a machine polish and final buff by hand
  • Attention is also given to the centreboard slot strips and hull fittings

For resale boats the service continues:-

  • An inspection of the rigging, both standing and running, replaced as deemed necessary
  • Aall masts/boom/rudder/beam/running rigging hardware is inspected and faults rectified
  • A further inspection of the sails and trampoline is carried out again, any fault is rectified

A boat sold fully refurbished is a very safe way to buy, all you have to do is add water and enjoy !

On a tight budget ?

Time does not always allow for boats to be refurbished before their sale. Most of the boats priced to refurbishment are in a condition you would expect to find a privately owned boat for sale.

With this in mind it would be possible to lower the price if you are happy with the pre-refurb condition or wish to do some work yourself, or perhaps bring the boat back at a later date for some cosmetic work when funds allow. Is also possible to adjust the price of the boat if you do not require a road trailer. 

A delivery option can also be worked into the price.

Do you have a boat for sale or part exchange?

 Always happy to discuss a part exchange option or brokerage sale service contact

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  1. Harvey Griffiths Says:

    Hi Andy

    Done a fair bit of sailing (dinghies, hobies, darts, hurricanes), sometimes down at Datchet crewing with Maxine Oliver. Interested in buying a Hurricane 5.9SX.
    please can you keep me in mind and let me know if something suitable comes up.. Need a road trailer. cheers

    Harvey Griffiths

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