Tack Line for the kite

Paul McKay of Datchet has devised a very simple and cheap solution to the tack line when hoisting the kite which will make the crews life a little easier – big thank you to Paul on this one from all the crew out there.

The parts you will need are:-

  •  2m of 4mm excell (or similar rope) 
  • 1m elastic shock cord 4mm
  • 1 rope stopper 
  • 1 stainless ring approx 15 mm 
  • Approx cost £ 4.00
  • Skill level to fit – Easy

How to do it:-

Tie a bowline through the middle of the back to back ronstan blocks with the 4 mm excell thread onto this the stainless steel ring.  Run the excell under the tramp and out of the cringle by the lead block to the kite up haul, tie the rope stopper onto this leaving approx 4″ of rope slack.

Tie the shock cord to the ring (under the tramp) attach the shock cord the rear beam ( any where will do.   Pull on the rope stopper to pull out the tack, pull the shock cord to remove the slack and tie off.

Lower the kite in the normal way the rope stopper should pull back into the cringle. Pull the tack line again and release, the tack should be at the end of the pole and the rope stopper should pull back into the tramp.  Simples.

To operate

Crew – Pull on rope stopper to launch tack of kite. Then up haul  kite in the normal way

To drop kite use down haul in normal way.

Helm – sit back and wonder what all the fuss is about !!!!

This will work with the small ronstan back to back blocks but Paul has changed his to the old barber haul block off the 2 sail jib (40 mm) along with the block on the beam as this allows  the up haul to run easier.

With this tack line you have the option of not using it if no spreader mark is set


Some may point out that on the drop the tack still flys away but this happens if the kite is loaded or if the helm isn’t bearing away as the kite is dropped !

Paul is now working on a way to make the helms job easier – he could be some time.

And here is one Paul made earlier







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