Spinnaker Haylard / Tack Line Modification

During the 2012 AGM the Rules and Technical Committee opened up a discussion regarding the option of a separate Spinnaker Halyard and Tack Line modification to the existing “one line does all” system.

The system has been trialled by one of the Rules and Tech members using an additional cleat and pulley mounted on the main beam.   Other class sailors have trialled a system where a cleat is mounted on the mast.  There are deemed to be handling advantages for all systems trialled, including the existing one line system.  Personal choice influenced by local race course practices and crew size/strength appear to be the deciding factors. 

In view of the fact that modifying the existing system is not deemed to be hull speed enhancing, a and has no detrimental  effect on the SCHRS rating nor cost a significant amount of money, the Rules and Technical Committee have agreed that with immediate effect all owners may experiment with a separate halyard and tack line system.  

After a period of experimentation (one season) a selection of those systems thought to offer the best solution will be documented in the class rules and made available as a package to other owners as a ‘standard’ system.  All existing experimental systems may have to be removed or possibly grandfathered, the decision will be made after the experimental period is over.

It is hoped that members will use the class forum to open up a virtual workshop and share ideas for the benefit of others and add photographs.

Rules and Tech Committee

March 2013

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