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changes to sailing rules 2013-2016


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Weston Cat Open 3-4 November

The Nacra and Tornado Nationals are being held at Weston on 2-4 November with a Cat Open being held on 3rd and 4th including an evening meal and music.  Come and join us for a great end of season Cat Open.


25th Anniversary National Championship Report

The Hurricane comes home to Brightlingsea SC.   ‘The Church of UK Catamaran sailing’

The 25th edition of the Hurricane Nationals could only be held in one club.  So on September 27th 28 teams returned to Brightlingsea SC  in Essex, to compete as part of the 3rd ‘RegFest’ celebration of UK cat sailing,  in the place where it all began with Reginald White MBE.

 Just reading the roll of honour surrounding the club bar is a jaw dropping story of Olympic and World Championship glory. 


 The protagonists:

The last six National Champions were lured by this mouth watering prospect.  Defending 2011 Champion Richie Hanmore and clubmate 2 time Champion Neil Connelly with his Shearwater crew from 1976, nice one!  Sail maker, former National & European Champion, Olympic Nacra dealer and ex-Tornado squad member Grant Piggott, crewed by a very accomplished Simon Farren, were back to avenge a narrow defeat in the 2010 edition.  Also in attendance, two time winner John Ready, with a very handy ex-49er GBR Development Squad sailor Jamie Bolingbroke. 

Every fleet has its dark horses, this year they came in the shape of the Charlesworth brothers who turned out to be blisteringly fast in a blow and the recently reunited team of Bawden and Wass with their very tasty red and white Hurricane, which would prove to be smashingly fast….  

The fleet also included; a youth team, six mixed crews, six brothers and two father/son teams, drawn from Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Central and Southern England.  

In recent years the classes coaching programme and uniquely detailed, freely available tuning guide has done much to raise the bar.  

So just who would take the title at the church?

Day 1 (15kt NW 2 races) 10:30 tide

After a home cooked full English, the race officer laid out his game plan and the fleet calmed there first day nerves boat bimbling before launching into a beautiful Essex morning high tide.

 Race 1: Ready/Bolingbroke, Charlesworth/Charlesworth (PB), Bawden/ Cox(PB)

With the windward mark set well onto the Mersea mud flats, the fleet had to choose between the Blackwater or Colne ebb at the bottom and high tide flat water conditions at the top.  A nervous fleet hung back off the line, leaving opportunities for keen starters to notch up an early result.  Most of the favourites struggled as Ready/Bolingbroke and Charlesworth/Webb took the initiative, snapping up a neat one/two with favourites Piggot/Farren posting their worst result of the regatta in 12th.  Adam Charlesworth, crewed by class legend Andy Webb posted a very serious 2nd in Adams best Nationals start, a very real statement of intent.  Honourable mention also goes to Donovan/Hingston our oldest crew placing 4th a PB for the event.

Race 2: Ready/Bolingbroke, Hanmore/Pyman, Bawden/Cox(PB)

A more settled fleet lined up on the port biased line.  Charlesworth/Webb got the best start leading their half out to the left, the rest lead by Hanmore/Pyman spotted a dark cloud and pressure hard into the right hand corner.   The starboard tack layline proved difficult to call from so far with early tackers in this group causing an interesting port/starboard windward mark situation in which Hanmore/Pyman hit the mark. 

In a wide open fleet at the first mark, Bedford/Mckay were in the chocolates, along with fleet stalwarts from Starcross, the very fast Donovan/Hingston.   Past champ Connelly/Chiddicks hit the mark but dodged the confessional for omitting turns and sped off downhill as kites went up in this tight leading pack of four.  A wave of pressure came through in which Ready/Bolingbroke and Hanmore/Pyman gybed and broke free.  Connelly/Chiddicks opted for the holywater approach to absolution as they capsized in what proved to be the last race of this event for this much respected Hurricane sailor.  Bawden/Cox notched up a stellar start as they took consecutive 3rds in a fantastic opening day. 

The top three slug fest became its own separate affair for the final two laps as the interesting stuff occurred in the hotly contested mid fleet pack.  This is where big fleet racing really scores, with this many boats the racing develops itself and you have “races within the races” something for everyone!

Post race:

That night Tornado and Hurricane legend Rob White cooked the fleet a fantastic bbq as the après sail got into full swing.

Charlesworth spent the night in the bar resting his ears after the tirade of ‘tacking advice’ he received politely from the front end of the boat!  Andy Webb (seven time national champ as helm) went to bed early exhausted – crewing is a tougher job than he realised!

Bedford/Mckay on Thunderbird posted two DNF’s missing the finish line in both races, McKay then fell off the boat between races whilst making repairs  comfortably sending the numpty hat award to them for the evening. 

As we made our way back to the tents, Piggot/Farren were working feverishly by torch light trying to acquire some pace to help their overnight 10th position, this is a tough fleet to crack.

Overnight leader board:

Ready/Bolingbroke 2pts

Bawden/Cox 6pts

Hanmore/Pyman 10pts


Day 2 (15-20kt SW 3 races) 11:15 tide

Friday dawned with more beautiful creek views over breakfast and a little banter. Just three more races and we would have a championship with our first discard of the 10 race series.  The Pro-Am was announced by class Chairman Nick Moore, who very generously lent out the beautiful Stingray to Piggot/Farren. Lending out boats, that’s how this class rolls.  Stingray is also for sale as a new boat has arrived!

The wind direction change saw an inshore start line with a fresher breeze and leeward gate set where two rivers meet the sea.  So flat ebb tide start, followed by bigger slow moving waves at the leeward gate, then a tide change for the final race.

 Race 3: Piggot/Farren(PB), Bawden/Wass, Hanmore/Pyman

The increased breeze provided a sterner test than the day before as teams struggled to change gears to suit the new conditions.  Piggot/Farren proved their mettle with a strong reply to the doubters, the game was definitely n.

 Race 4: Hanmore/Pyman(PB), Ready/Bolingbroke, Bawden/Wass

The waves which had made it so difficult to change gears in race3 lessened as the ebb slowed, but shifts right at windward first mark challenged the pack as positions changed at the crucial upwind/downwind transition.  Piggot/Farrens comeback stalled as they capsized in the lead at windward mark2.  The 2nd and 3rd place teams from race one showed consistency dialling themselves into the conditions, with Hanmore/Pyman taking the win a timely reminder that they are still the defending champions.

Race 5: Ready/Bolingbroke, Bawden/Wass(PB), Piggot/Farren

The waves moderated further but the breeze held at a champagne sailing 20knts.  The Charlesworth brothers continued their blistering demonstration of pace from their 4th place in race four and were vying for the lead with Piggot/Farren, when they gybed inside coming out super hot, just losing control with the ensuing capsize dropping them harshly down the order.

 Post race banter:

Each day Geoff Gritton tb4e took video via his ever more famous boat handling and close quarter GoPro camera.  These were on show each evening with the results kindly made available to competitors just for the Crac… Gritter rocks and have YOU SEEN this footage….

They say landing is the most dangerous time, Homes/Moore of Datchet gave everyone a laugh, by getting their boat and themselves stuck in the mud.   The moment the Ex marine crew Nathan Jones  started doing the front crawl in the mud to get to the mud stranded “initially very white” Hurricane was side splitting!  It might take a year to get the Brightlingsea mud off his boat and sails.

The après sail kicked in with a bang, fantastic Tex/Mex food and the legendary Brightlingsea SC band Contribrand.

Overnight leader board:

Ready/Bolingbroke 5pts

Bawden/Cox 12pts

Hanmore/Pyman 14pts

Day 3 (15-20kt NW 3 races) 12:00 tide


With the wind direction change overnight and the strong ebb tide, our eager competitors saw conditions very similar to day one but with more wind and leeward mark waves causing some boats to push right to the limit.

 Race 6: Ready/Bolingbroke, Piggot/Farren, Bawden/Wass

Despite the Brightlingsea après sail, race six was a rerun of race 5, although Moore/Oliver had a BIG port/starboard moment with Bawden/Cox and an early trip back to the bar for solace.

 Race 7: Ready/Bolingbroke, Palmer/Palmer (PB), Piggot/Farren

Bawden/Wass showed real hunger in this race sailing their own style of deep and fast upwind which brought them out to the front.  Downwind they hit the corners and sailed hot and fast.  Unfortunately on the penultimate downwind, whilst toe-to-toe with Ready/Bolingbroke coming into the gate they just took it too far putting their bows into a wave hard with the main eased, bringing their mast down, something that is very unusual in this fleet, tough luck guys.  Race 7 though really belonged to the father and son team of Paul and Rob Palmer, Rob is a very handy kite surfer and it really showed downwind today as they popped out of the pack downwind, nice job!

Race 8: Ready/Bolingbroke,Tindale/Foreman(PB), Tindale/Tindale

By the third race there were some tired arms and bodies out there.  But there were more surprises to come with the Tindales showing why they are such a highly rated sailing family. Both father Geoff and his sons Dan and Jack finishing 2nd and 3rd with dad leading the way.  These guys pushed a charging Piggot/Farren team into 4th and showed how strong this fleet is.

Meanwhile Ready/Bolingbroke finished off their perfect day, starting well, keeping their air clear, taking a 3rd bullet and wrapping up the championship with a day to spare.

Post race banter:

With Ready/Bolingbroke fully committed to the après sail and the Brightlingsea hospitality machine in full swing, Saturday night, turned out to be bigger than the racing for them.  But it wasn’t all partying as Andy Webb proved his value to the fleet as our builder, keeping Porter/Porter racing  with a loan mainsail after theirs was, ‘altered’ during a capsize! And a superfast spinnaker pole change for Donovan/Hingston. No rest for the wicked Webby!

 Overnight leader board:

Ready/Bolingbroke 8pts

Piggot/Farren 32pts

Bawden/Cox 38.5pts







Day 4 (20-30kt SW 2 races) 12:45 tide

Easily the windiest day of the regatta, sore heads met BIG conditions at the start of the final day.

 Race 9: Piggot/Farren, Hanmore/Pyman, Mawditt/Wood (PB)

Piggot/Farren had a point to prove on the final day and showed the fleet the way round in top end limit conditions really showing how hard these Hurricanes can be sailed in huge conditions.   Hanmore/Pyman also showed their big wind pedigree and showing just how much he had picked up from the class coaching Mawditt/Wood made their best ever finish in 3rd in truly challenging conditions, way to go guys!

 Race 10: Piggot/Farren, Tindale/Tindale (PB), Hanmore/Pyman

Piggot/Farren again did the business, but the stand out sailors of the race were the Tindale brothers whose ‘send it’ attitude is vividly shown in the video footage from the event.  Thanks tb4e and Tindale brothers, WAY TO SEND IT downwind guys!

 Post race banter:

Watching John Ready’s crew rig his boat and push it down to the water on his own while John was hiding behind his sunglasses after a heavy night.

Round up:

What a great event meeting up with old friends and making many new ones, Neil Connelly personified this when he teamed up with his former Shearwater crew, Trevor Chiddick from 1976!  All for a bit of fun and to have a go for old time’s sake a true Hurricane sailor.  It’s not all about top flight competition, being there and taking part in the event as a whole is what Hurricane sailing is all about.

The fleet did itself proud sailing hard and fair, but ensuring our friendly and open approach with no event protests.  Fantastic shore side A&E support for spares and repairs from AW Sailboats.  The pro-am was a real success ensuring that the next generation of sailors come through to the front!  The guys from Starcross said they were taught more about their spinnaker set up in 40 minutes than they had learnt in 40 years.  Paul McKays wife now wants to learn to sail – fantastic.  The young guys Nathan and Hamish from Scotland are keen to continue sailing and climbing through the fleet.  

Brightlingsea SC just smashed it out of the park on all fronts, what an incredible event..  The class is now in discussions to make Brightlingsea a regular open meeting on the annual circuit.  The Hurricane came home in its 25th year!

The worst thing about this event?   Having to pack up and leave, perfect!


The class are very grateful for the support of:

Typhoon, Towergate Mardon, AW Sailboats, Enliven, Kingfisher, Brightlingsea SC, tb4e, Hyde sails


Event video

 See you at the 26th Hurricane59 Nationals in Sept 2013 in Weymouth



2012 Nationals Results

Ladies and gentleman,  competitors, friends the results for the 25th Hurricane Nationals can be found on the link below:-

Big congratulations to John Ready and Jamie Bolingbroke who are now the 2012 National Champions.

Well done guys you deserved all those rums on Saturday night and whilst looking a little worse for wear on Sunday like true champions you went out and carried on with style.

As you can see just missing out on the podium finish but not going away empty handed as they won the youngest crew to complete all races Jack and Dan Tindale of Stone are in 4th place and get to write the race report which will be posted here shortly.

In the meantime can anyone and everyone please email me on for their funny stories, memories, comments and of course any photos that they took  over the  course of our anniversary Nationals at Regfest.


Nationals Trophies and Prizes

2011 Nationals Winners

Only 3 days left until the Nationals and I know all over the country people are pimping their boats, wishing they had been to the gym more than they have been, watching the weather forecast and dreaming about winning and for some of us last years lucky winners will be getting out the silver polish and cleaning their trophies for possibly the last time.  Apart from Graeme Staddon of course who has spent the last year looking after the Numpty Hats and quite glad to hand them back. 

Of course throughout this season our sponsor Typhoon  have been giving us prizes at all of our open events and will be giving the winning (SX)  boat dry suits to the helm and crew.

Towergate Mardon have also throughout the year given 10% discount to all Hurricane members to insure their boats.

We also have a complete ropepack donated by Kingfisher that is being raffled, each fully paid member of the Hurricane class has received a free entry and many of you have already bought more tickets at £1 each.  It is not too late to buy more and win all the string you need for your boat.

We also have some wonderful shampoo and soap products given to us by our new sponsor Enliven and Hyde Sails have also given us some of their products for this years Nationals.

Well here is a list of trophies up for grabs and last years winners are busy polishing them up and making them shine. 

2011 Nationals Winners

Names/Club Title Criteria
Richie Hanmore – Stone Sailing Club Nationals Trophy 1st place SX trophy
Andy Webb – Harwich Nationals 2 Sail Trophy 1st place 2 sail trophy
Tim Powell – Warsash Reg White Memorial Trophy Best placed new comer to the fleet
Richie Hanmore/Neil Connolly – Stone Team Trophy Best 3 placed club boats at Nationals
Robert Palmer – Thorpe Bay Flyer Trophy Youngest crew to complete all races
Paul Palmer – Thorpe Bay Anniversary Trophy SX Anniversary 2011 6th placed boat
John Donovan/Nigel Hingston  Starcross Veterans Trophy Oldest combined crew age
Graeme Staddon/Alan Tilling Datchet Numpty Hats Numpties of the day

Good luck to everyone competing in the 2012 Nationals

Boats for Sale

Need a new boat for the Nationals, club racing or the circuit then take a look on the  Boat  page of this web site.  All  Hurricanes for sale are posted here.

If you are interested in a half share of a hurricane then we have a Datchet sailor that is interested in a half share please contact for further details.



Canvey Open

Once again Island Yacht Club was blessed with sunshine and light winds on Saturday 1st September with several visitors from Stone, Mersey and Thorpe Bay waiting for the “go ahead” from the Race Officer.

The first race was hotly contested, with the current Nationals Champion Richie Hanmore  spotted on land fixing a broken goose neck !  Could this give hope to the remainder of the fleet ? Not really, as confusion between Port and Starboard allowed Trevor Bawden to take line honours with some blistering speed followed by Weird Fish of Thorpe Bay  and home boys Mark Wood and James Heys.

The second race was like a washing machine with the wind coming from all directions the line honours were there to be taken by anyone.   Alas with their boat fixed it was two crisp packets Hanmore and his sidekick Kevin Bawden that took the honours. The remainder of the fleet was divided either going into the line, or with some sailing in-shore almost unheard of which favoured two sailors Captain Morgan and Alex Burling with his lolly pop crew, licking their lips as they sneaked some good places at the expense of Mark Wood and Canveys long term Open sponsor James Heys.

Third race.  Mark Mawditt decided to pull his finger out as bragging rights were now needed over the other Canvey boats.  The interloper Captain Morgan from Stone played cat and mouse for 3 laps with Mawditt, Woody and Heys, as to the leaders that was a different story but ending in the same result with “Handjob” getting a result over Trevor (I think) but the bigger battle was still taking place with Mawditt, Woody and the Captain and on the last downwind leg of the day  it was inches around the downwind marker and with each boat taking its own line it was Mawditt and Aaron the Lowther taking the bragging rights.

Saturday evening, what can I say all the food was eaten the free bottle of wine was greatly received.  Three birds with a guitar, plus a pair of crutches entertained the not so sober crews and helms. This was most evident in the morning with most leaving their big breakfasts and opting for water to try and sober themselves up for the 12 o’clock start. Within the Saturday night entertainment two birthdays were celebrated, a 50 year old and a young pup at 30, two names will be given but you decide who was the younger Sue Turner or Richie Hanmore.

Sunday, the wind had built overnight and we now had some good racing on our hands, in the first race of the Sunday the Hurricane sailors must have had double vision as most were over the line and therefore were now relegated to the back of the start sequence which also gave them some more time to get their heads together.

A good start was had by a Canvey boat and was leading for two laps with the crews hoping that the Race Officer would notice this and give them the gun early on the second lap, however, he spoilt their party by making them go for that 3rd lap where they threw it away letting Bawden and Wass nip past and therefore claiming that bullet.

The last race of the day with the wind dropping off it was a good start by most of the fleet but Lolly Pop and Burling bailed out seeing they were about to scratch the Race Officers brand new Fountain Pajot and tacked right in front of Mawditt thus delaying his start.

However, Mawditt made a good comeback with some good racing and managed to chase the group down and was now on the sterns of Weird Fish who they had to beat for 3rd, but unfortunately  Mr Port came rudely in and stopped them dead in the water, so it was chase time again and Mawditt only managed to catch Wood/Heys and Capt. Morgan so bragging rights were once again on for Mawditt, who managed it although he admitted himself it was tight but it was a great contest and all taken with banter on the water.

To sum it up, if you have not come to Canvey open meeting you are missing out as even  Heineken could not beat our weekend, so put this date 7th and 8th September 2013 in your diaries.

Photographs and full results to follow but if  anyone else has been left off or out please accept apologies but most of the weekend was a blur and the complete story is difficult to get hold of.

A special mention goes to Ben Peters who sailed all races two sail mode, but went home with loads of bits to make an SX and looking smart in some new rash vests.

Also a big thank you to sponsors of this event:-

Paul and Pam Soderberg, Club Members for the BBQ on Sunday

Fullmen Engineering, ARS UK Ltd,

James Heys Recycling


Towergate Mardon Insurance.

by Mr Penguin.


1st        Trevor Bawden  and Tom Wass – Stone

2nd        Richard Hanmore and Kevin Bawden – Stone

3rd        Posh pair Jeremy from Thorpe Bay

4th        Mark Mawditt

5th        Mark Wood, James Hey

6th        Lee Morgan

7th        Alex Burling

8th        John Bell

9th        Ben Peters

Hurricane AGM – Free Beer

The Hurricane  AGM will be held at the Nationals (Regfest) on Friday 28th September at 5pm.  A private meeting area has been arranged for us in Brightlingsea Sailing Club. 

All Hurricane members are welcome and a complimentary beer will be available for all those attending.

Please find below the Agenda and minutes from last years AGM.

AGM Minutes August 2011 

Huricane AGM agenda September 2012

Forts Race – Whitstable

The 15/16th September is the long distance catamaran event at Whitstable, now in its 17th year this race is designed to test catamaran racing skills, attracting top national helms as well as experienced club racers and international entries.

Whitstable is one of the few sailing clubs to be located in a town centre, which means there are so many facilities close by to the club (chandlery, restaurants, pubs, chip shop, newsagents, hotels, B&Bs, and other shops for the non-sailing members of the visiting parties!).

Whilst space is limited for car parking sailing is the priority, and the club will do everything they can to make sure people can get to the club, and get out on the water with minimum of fuss! 

The club will make boat and trailor parking a priority, and clear a section of the beach especially for the event, so boats will have the space to rig and launch. They will also make space available for trailer parking, if the boats cannot be stored on their trailers, and this is close to the club (boats and launching are the priority for the beach).

Further details NOR / SI can be found on the events page of this web site.