Hurricane Nationals News

Hurricane and F18 Nationals are only 16 days time.  We have 25 boats signed up so far and two races per day over 4 days on an Olympic sailing course, but don’t be put off if your not Olympic standard this event is open to everyone so come along and join us there is plenty going on.

Typhoon our sponsors will be giving prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places, so it is not just silverware up for grabs.

We have a band booked for Saturday night so you can rock until you drop, and a horse race night booked for Sunday night where the winners take 50% of the purse and the remainder will be donated to the RNLI.

We have  weather permitting a speed race for fun, pro-am organised so that the front end of the fleet can give tips and advice to those coming up the rear.  Coaching and how to tune your Hurricane for optimum performance so you can get every 1/2 knot out of your boat.  Hog roasts, carvery, steak pie a fully licenced bar and lots lots more – not booked up yet – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR ?  come and join in on all the fun.


2 sail Hurricanes clean up at Camel Week

Just to let you know 2 standard 5.9’s sailed at Camel week Mike and Viki Coulson in 365  and Helen & Hamish Leighton with their boat 452.

Great fun was had by all and a fantastic place to sail .

Sailing Results

Tack Line for the kite

Paul McKay of Datchet has devised a very simple and cheap solution to the tack line when hoisting the kite which will make the crews life a little easier – big thank you to Paul on this one from all the crew out there.

The parts you will need are:-

  •  2m of 4mm excell (or similar rope) 
  • 1m elastic shock cord 4mm
  • 1 rope stopper 
  • 1 stainless ring approx 15 mm 
  • Approx cost £ 4.00
  • Skill level to fit – Easy

How to do it:-

Tie a bowline through the middle of the back to back ronstan blocks with the 4 mm excell thread onto this the stainless steel ring.  Run the excell under the tramp and out of the cringle by the lead block to the kite up haul, tie the rope stopper onto this leaving approx 4″ of rope slack.

Tie the shock cord to the ring (under the tramp) attach the shock cord the rear beam ( any where will do.   Pull on the rope stopper to pull out the tack, pull the shock cord to remove the slack and tie off.

Lower the kite in the normal way the rope stopper should pull back into the cringle. Pull the tack line again and release, the tack should be at the end of the pole and the rope stopper should pull back into the tramp.  Simples.

To operate

Crew – Pull on rope stopper to launch tack of kite. Then up haul  kite in the normal way

To drop kite use down haul in normal way.

Helm – sit back and wonder what all the fuss is about !!!!

This will work with the small ronstan back to back blocks but Paul has changed his to the old barber haul block off the 2 sail jib (40 mm) along with the block on the beam as this allows  the up haul to run easier.

With this tack line you have the option of not using it if no spreader mark is set


Some may point out that on the drop the tack still flys away but this happens if the kite is loaded or if the helm isn’t bearing away as the kite is dropped !

Paul is now working on a way to make the helms job easier – he could be some time.

And here is one Paul made earlier







Hurricane SCHRS Ratings

Below are the current official globally recognised SCHRS ratings for the three types of Hurricane rig.

Hurricane SX         1.008

Hurricane 5.9         1.053

Hurricane Sport     1.020



Hurricane Coaching Day with John Ready

7 Hurricanes attended the Coaching Day provided by three times National Champion John Ready on Saturday 3rd August at Datchet Water Sailing Club.  Perfect sailing conditions throughout the day with sunshine, flat water and the tide in, a very breezy day getting up to around 25 knots in the afternoon.

The day kicked off with bacon rolls and coffee, some crews needed more coffee than others after arriving fresh from Stone Week and feeling a little bit delicate.  John Ready gave a briefing in the club house and all the boats after fine tuning the boats in the dinghy park hit the water and John followed them around in the shouting encouragement and giving tips on sailing techniques.

During lunch questions and answers on boat trim, tactics, and how important it is to have a sealed mast particularly if you spend a lot of time upside down.  A review of the video footage revealed that performance and boat handling improved throughout the day.

After lunch racing around the tower, Malcom and John in 155 roared off definately benefiting from Johns advice, Graeme and Mark cornered the tower and went for a swim. By this time the wind had blew up to a force 5 a few more laps and we decided to head for the bar for well earned beer and de-brief.

A fantastic day of huge benefit to everyone that attended, many thanks go to Andy Bedford for ganising and arranging the rib from Datchet and Paul Elliott for taking the video footage although I am not sure the wide angle lens was completely necessary in some instances.  Lastly a big thank you to John Ready who gave up his entire day to pass on his extensive knowledge and experience freely.  A true champion and a great ambassador to Catamaran Sailing.

If your club would be interested in holding a coaching session please contact

To view video footage click on the link

Starcross Yacht Club Hurricane TT Open 29-30 June 2013

The  Starcross Yacht Club 2013 Catamaran open this year was simply  “Sailing Utopia” and it was a great shame that continuing pressure on personnel finances and some boat damage after the unseasonable weather meant we had no visiting Hurricane competitors this year.  The TT open used an upwind/downwind racing format and this was combined successfully with the Dart SW area championship using a triangular course from the same committee boat start line.  It was the best Cat Open for many years with 23 boats in total fighting it out on the water.  The 8 local Hurricanes were blessed with Force 3/4 gusting 5 NNW winds on both days with sunny afternoon temperatures reaching 21C.  The PRO Russell Gibbs set up very close back to back racing on brilliant courses with no hanging around on both days.

Racing was extremely hard and close in our fleet. Rescue boat crews reported on several occasions that all 8 boats went around the top mark within a 10sec window, and they were really shifting. The upwind racing was challenging, with crews constantly reviewing wind and tidal vectors on these extremely fast craft and then tactically evaluating what the competition were doing. However, the approach to the downwind mark, with Hurricanes absolutely flying with kites up and crews trapezing, proved the ultimate challenge with the slower Darts, who were approaching on different vectors, becoming moving obstacles in a part of the course where the wind was shifting a good 10 degrees at times. Many places were lost and gained in this area with unfortunate crews visibly digging in hard to regain any advantage they could back upwind.

Steve (HSTD280) rounded off the Saturday racing with a superb solo musical performance with the best scenic backdrop in the SW.  A perfect end to the day with both cat fleets relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. The club really needs to stock up on Doombar for the Dart Netley crews next time… Jon Mile’s home reared BBQ burgers were spot on, as was the Sunday breakfast from our excellent galley ladies.

There was tweaking of mast rake and diamond stay tension by some crews in the Hurricane fleet before the Sunday’s races which, in the strengthening conditions in Races 5 & 6, resulted in even tighter battles in the fleet.

In summary, Doug & Jamie HSX416 won 5 of the 6 races but were constantly kept on their toes by the SYC fleet.  Winds were gusting at times and places changed regularly making racing very exciting.  John & Tony HSX454 came second overall with Mike & Eamon HSX457 in third.

RACE 1   SAT – Mike & Doug’s boats took the clear lead downwind but due to wind shifts and gusts the whole fleet caught up and arrived at the leeward mark almost together.  Mike arrived first and slowed during rounding. Doug was unable to slow fast enough so had to do his 360 and ended up last around the buoy.  John took the lead but was overtaken by Robin HSX346 on the last lap who managed to keep the red boat pinned behind to the finish, while Graham HSX278 manage a 3rd place.

RACE 2   SAT – Doug got away early and battled it out with John most of the race. John ended 2nd with Mike not far behind. The rest of the fleet were in very close contention

RACE 3  SAT –  Graham spotted a wind change and started on port dipping the fleet  close to the committee boat and got to the windward mark 500 m before the rest of the fleet, but his luck did not last long. Doug took the lead from John closely followed by Robin. Unfortunately John had terminal problems with his kite spin lock jamming, capsized to miss a Dart, and had to retire. On the last downward leg Graham came from 7th to third on a huge lucky gust and tacked for the line before Robin could cover him to take 2nd place on the line by a split second.

RACE 4 SUN – Mike and Doug headed the pack and continuously fought it out for the entire race, with Doug eventually getting the upper hand.  Robin stayed a consistent 3rd.

RACE 5 SUN – Doug & John fought it out with Doug winning with Mike in 3rd place. Jim HSX207 capsized while in close quarters with Graham – Jim tacked without (allegedly) warning his crew.  Alice, Jeremy’s HSX276 new crew, was handling the spinnaker better with every race so may they may well be the ones to watch in the future.

RACE 6 SUN – Robin took a flyer on the start, but was soon swamped by the rest of the pack. Doug reached the windward mark just ahead of John but slowed down faster than John expected so John had to do his 360.  Mike caught up and fought it out with Doug to take 2nd place.  Jim pulled through from 5th to 3rd improving throughout in the strengthening conditions.

Report by Robin Buxton Smith

Photographs taken by respectively:-

  • Robin and Sabrina being chased downwind by Jim and Jon – Photo by Aidan Whiteley
  • Race 4    Jim and Jon heading back upwind Photo by Aidan Whiteley
  • Race 4    The ‘Red Barons’ John and Tony on ‘The Red Boat Photo taken by Aidan Whiteley
  • Race 4    Mike and Eamon with Lympstone in background – Photo by AidanWhiteley





Hurricane AGM

The 2012 AGM was held at Brightlingsea Nationals in September 2012 and attended by approximately 28 members.  The key points minuted are below:-

  • Previous minutes accepted and approved by Geoff Tindale and John Tuckwell
  • Hurricane Class accounts agreed.
  • Membership agreed.
  • Committee members agreed to stand again next year and the committee were duly re-elected by the class.
  • It was requested that the “welcome” letter that Mark Mawditt sends to new members of the fleet has a reference to the Hurricane Facebook page.
  • Tack line for the spinnaker was discussed at length and put to the vote – all agreed that this would be allowed in the spirit of making the boat easier to sail.  Andy Webb  and Geoff Tindale will publish details on how to carry out this “optional” change. All were encouraged to view Geoff Tindales boat that has it installed.
  • 2013 Nationals at Weymouth was agreed although Andrew Bedford to investigate if we could make the event slightly earlier in the season.
  • Dinghy Show – it was agreed by all that we would not attend the dinghy show next year due to cost of the show and of little benefit to the class. It was agreed that the committee will investigate advertising in Yachts and Yachting or providing an email newsletter by Andrew Dowley.
  • John Donovan displayed and discussed a new larger jib that he had designed.  This was discussed at length and strongly opposed by the class as it would have a detrimental effect to the SCHRS rating.
  • The current SCHRS rating was discussed and Nick Moore agreed to speak with SCHR committee to  review the current rating to take into account the age of the Hurricane, hull shape and design of the centre board.
  • John Tuckwell stated that we should all endeavour to get race reports and announcements into yachts and yachting and other sailing magazines to raise the profile of the class.
  • The meeting was adjourned at 6.45pm

Next AGM to be held at 6pm on  Saturday 14th September 2013 at Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy (Nationals) all members welcome to attend

Stone TT 13-14 July Race Report

Five visiting boats joined five home boats for the classic event in the Hurricane calendar. Of the five visitors three where from Island Sailing club, one from Stokes Bay and one made the long haul from Bala. Given the conditions of sunshine and light winds this was always going to be an event for the lightweight crews with the leading contenders being Richie Hanmore sailing with Kevin Bawden, and Geoff Tindale sailing with his son Jack.
Race 1 on Saturday the form book was discarded as the leaders straight out of the blocks were not the light weights but heavy weights of Mark Woods and James Hey who lead all the way round the course. This pair have been long term supporter of Hurricane open meetings and it looked like they were going to win their first race in an open meeting however they ended up hitting the outer distance mark of the finishing line, by the time they had completed their penalty turns against the tide and a falling breeze 3 boats passed and finished.

First blood to the Tindales, then Hanmore/Bawden 2nd and John Tuckwell and Chelsea Furber coming in third. Woods and Heys were left to contemplate the phase “to finish first first you must finish.”

The second and third races now fell into a pattern with Hanmore/Bawden winning the second race from the Tindales and in the third race the positions where reversed. Behind them Tuckwell/Furber had posted a 6th and a 3rd while local hero of Neil Connelly sailing with new crew Simon Ellershaw posting two 5th and a 4th.

Sunday came and with slightly more breeze other contenders started to swing some punches. Race 4 saw Connelly/Ellershaw taking a win with Tuckwell /Furber taken second, Tindles third and Hanmore/Bawden 4th. Race 5 Hanmore/Bawden taken the win from Connelly/Ellershaw with Tuckwell/Furber a model of consistency taking 3rd. Tindles finished 6th. Sixth and final race and all to play for. Under pressure to deliver the Tindales threw at knock put punch finishing 1st with Hanmore/Bawden 2nd and Tuckwell/Furber posting yet another 3rd.

Overall the Tindales and Hanmore/Bawden finished on equal points so it came down to the count back as the decider which meant the Geoff and Jack Tindale had won the 2013 Stone open meeting from Richard Hanmore and Kevin Bawden in second and John Tuckwell and Chelsea Furber third.

The Stone open meeting is a favourite event for the Hurricanes and the club always delivers on organisation and race management. The Stone Hurricane fleet is a little subdued due to the untimely loss of Matt Gregg earlier on in the year and it is hoped that the fleet will recover in the new year. The Hurricane fleet moves onto Island Sailing Club at the beginning of September and then the Nationals at Weymouth.

Report by John Tuckwell

For results please see

Weymouth – Hurricane / F18 Nationals 2013

Weymouth and Portland Sailing Academy.  Photograph taken from our sundeck next to the bar in our own private room for the entire event.  Overlooking the boat park where we will keep our boats,  the launching area and our playground.

Can you see yourself there ?

4 days of racing (2 per day) with the option of a speed race (weather permitting).  Hog roast and all the trimmings on the Saturday and Sunday traditional roast with accompaniments included in the entry fee.    Chilli night and beer and curry night is also available for a small charge on the Friday and Monday night.

The band “Supermassive” have been booked for the Saturday night so get ready to party.

We will organise a pro-am so from beginner to winner everyone will learn and have a great experience.  So if you have never done a Nationals or an open meeting or your new to the fleet now is the time to do it where you will receive a warm and freindly welcome by the entire fleet.

Our generous sponsor Typhonn will once again be providing prizes for the fleet.

Trophies for the 1, 2, 3 spots, the oldest and youngest combined crew, new comers and those that have travelled the furthest distance, the best placed club (will Stone hang onto that trophy ?)   many more trophies and silverware up for grabs including the numpty hats !

You can book on line at  or go to the events page of this web site.

Nick Dewhirst RIP

It is with great sadness that we have learnt of the death of Nick Dewhirst on Friday 19th July.  Nick was the Class Chairman of the Sprint 15 Class  for no less than 25 years and also the Chairman of the SCHRS (Small Catamaran Handicap Rating System) committee and the long time Chairman of UKCRA (UK Catamaran Racing Association).

The world has lost a charming, intelligent funny gentleman and a huge advocate of all things catamaran the world is a sadder place without him.

The Hurricane class send our heart felt condolences and thoughts to his family at this sad time.