Hurricane 5.9 Winter Deals with AWSailboats

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were creaming along and enjoying the summer weather, the Hurricane Nationals remain the sailing highlight of 2014 for me.

Moving on to business matters,  I have received notification from the class sail maker that their material costs have increased yet again and can no longer be absorbed by them consequently all orders received after the 31st of December will be subject to a price increase.

So, what are the new numbers and options…..

Well, the option of passing on a 10% discount for orders delivered on a three month lead time is still available, placing an order for a replacement main, trampoline or spinnaker before the 31st December will also avoid the price increase, so now is a great time to order for end of March delivery in time for the start of the new season.

A mainsail under this 3 month lead time deal will be £1,035 (£1,185 rrp in 2015), a jib £320 (£365 rrp), a spinnaker £535 (£610 rrp) and a trampoline £247 (£285rrp).

Terms are 10% deposit required and payment prior to delivery.  Orders to be placed by the 31st of December, if placed after this date for a 3 month lead time the new rrp price will be discounted by 10%.

Used Sails  

Also consider that there are many Hurricane sailors out there who would be interested in buying used condition sails with a reasonable amount of service left in them, particularly the square top mainsail, it could be worth putting your original sails on the market.

 Other Hurricane Price Deals…..

How’s your rigging looking ?

Don’t take a risk, take advantage of the winter rigging pack deal, £295 (rrp£350) for a complete set (shrouds, diamonds, trapeze wires, jib halyard, bridle wires, forestay upper and lower).

Other products…..

Treat your boat to a new heavy duty all over cover this winter for £345.  I have settled on the tried and tested heavy weight PVC material with deeper side panels offering better UV protection supported by numerous quick release adjustable straps in all the right places.

Mainsail bag getting a bit scruffy ?  Our class sail maker has come up with a new heavy duty material in dark blue, £40 and rudder covers custom made for the Hurricane rudder system at £70

For further information on the above and all your Hurricane 5.9 spares and repair needs please contact Andy Webb, 07941 940 459 or email   

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