Canvey Open

Once again Island Yacht Club was blessed with sunshine and light winds on Saturday 1st September with several visitors from Stone, Mersey and Thorpe Bay waiting for the “go ahead” from the Race Officer.

The first race was hotly contested, with the current Nationals Champion Richie Hanmore  spotted on land fixing a broken goose neck !  Could this give hope to the remainder of the fleet ? Not really, as confusion between Port and Starboard allowed Trevor Bawden to take line honours with some blistering speed followed by Weird Fish of Thorpe Bay  and home boys Mark Wood and James Heys.

The second race was like a washing machine with the wind coming from all directions the line honours were there to be taken by anyone.   Alas with their boat fixed it was two crisp packets Hanmore and his sidekick Kevin Bawden that took the honours. The remainder of the fleet was divided either going into the line, or with some sailing in-shore almost unheard of which favoured two sailors Captain Morgan and Alex Burling with his lolly pop crew, licking their lips as they sneaked some good places at the expense of Mark Wood and Canveys long term Open sponsor James Heys.

Third race.  Mark Mawditt decided to pull his finger out as bragging rights were now needed over the other Canvey boats.  The interloper Captain Morgan from Stone played cat and mouse for 3 laps with Mawditt, Woody and Heys, as to the leaders that was a different story but ending in the same result with “Handjob” getting a result over Trevor (I think) but the bigger battle was still taking place with Mawditt, Woody and the Captain and on the last downwind leg of the day  it was inches around the downwind marker and with each boat taking its own line it was Mawditt and Aaron the Lowther taking the bragging rights.

Saturday evening, what can I say all the food was eaten the free bottle of wine was greatly received.  Three birds with a guitar, plus a pair of crutches entertained the not so sober crews and helms. This was most evident in the morning with most leaving their big breakfasts and opting for water to try and sober themselves up for the 12 o’clock start. Within the Saturday night entertainment two birthdays were celebrated, a 50 year old and a young pup at 30, two names will be given but you decide who was the younger Sue Turner or Richie Hanmore.

Sunday, the wind had built overnight and we now had some good racing on our hands, in the first race of the Sunday the Hurricane sailors must have had double vision as most were over the line and therefore were now relegated to the back of the start sequence which also gave them some more time to get their heads together.

A good start was had by a Canvey boat and was leading for two laps with the crews hoping that the Race Officer would notice this and give them the gun early on the second lap, however, he spoilt their party by making them go for that 3rd lap where they threw it away letting Bawden and Wass nip past and therefore claiming that bullet.

The last race of the day with the wind dropping off it was a good start by most of the fleet but Lolly Pop and Burling bailed out seeing they were about to scratch the Race Officers brand new Fountain Pajot and tacked right in front of Mawditt thus delaying his start.

However, Mawditt made a good comeback with some good racing and managed to chase the group down and was now on the sterns of Weird Fish who they had to beat for 3rd, but unfortunately  Mr Port came rudely in and stopped them dead in the water, so it was chase time again and Mawditt only managed to catch Wood/Heys and Capt. Morgan so bragging rights were once again on for Mawditt, who managed it although he admitted himself it was tight but it was a great contest and all taken with banter on the water.

To sum it up, if you have not come to Canvey open meeting you are missing out as even  Heineken could not beat our weekend, so put this date 7th and 8th September 2013 in your diaries.

Photographs and full results to follow but if  anyone else has been left off or out please accept apologies but most of the weekend was a blur and the complete story is difficult to get hold of.

A special mention goes to Ben Peters who sailed all races two sail mode, but went home with loads of bits to make an SX and looking smart in some new rash vests.

Also a big thank you to sponsors of this event:-

Paul and Pam Soderberg, Club Members for the BBQ on Sunday

Fullmen Engineering, ARS UK Ltd,

James Heys Recycling


Towergate Mardon Insurance.

by Mr Penguin.


1st        Trevor Bawden  and Tom Wass – Stone

2nd        Richard Hanmore and Kevin Bawden – Stone

3rd        Posh pair Jeremy from Thorpe Bay

4th        Mark Mawditt

5th        Mark Wood, James Hey

6th        Lee Morgan

7th        Alex Burling

8th        John Bell

9th        Ben Peters

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