2012 Nationals Results

Ladies and gentleman,  competitors, friends the results for the 25th Hurricane Nationals can be found on the link below:-


Big congratulations to John Ready and Jamie Bolingbroke who are now the 2012 National Champions.

Well done guys you deserved all those rums on Saturday night and whilst looking a little worse for wear on Sunday like true champions you went out and carried on with style.

As you can see just missing out on the podium finish but not going away empty handed as they won the youngest crew to complete all races Jack and Dan Tindale of Stone are in 4th place and get to write the race report which will be posted here shortly.

In the meantime can anyone and everyone please email me on secretary59@hurricane59.com for their funny stories, memories, comments and of course any photos that they took  over the  course of our anniversary Nationals at Regfest.


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